100 Things That Make Me Happy.

Hello Lovelies,

To help me become more happier and more positive person for 2015 I wanted to create a list which I list 100 things that make me happy. I’m going to try and list as many as I can think of and by the end of 2015 I want to have all 100 spaces filled out.

1. My (whole) Family

2. My Friends

3. Music

4. Acting

5. Ice Skating

6. YouTube

7. Photography

8. Shopping

9. Makeup

10. Editing

11. Concerts

12. Rachael (My internet best friend who is now one of my closest friends in real life)

13. Polaroids

14. Candles

15. London

16. Travelling

17. Black Clothes

18. The Vamps

19. Shawn Mendes

20. Brad Simpson

21. New York

22. Babies

23. Chicken Nuggets (silly I know)

24. YouTubers – such as Zoe Sugg

25. Blogging

22. Oversized Jumpers

23. Baggy Jogging Bottoms

24. Reading – Fanfics, John Green, Zoe Sugg (Girl Online)

25. Sleep

There is my 25/100 things that make me happy and hopefully by this time next year I would have completed all 100 things. Looking back at this it makes me laugh how silly some of these things are but the small things make me happy.

Anyway tweet me things that make you happy @courtneybekahx and lets share some positive vibes.

Lots Of Love


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