5 Things to Fly With – Virgin Atlantic

Hello Lovelies,

Tomorrow I am heading off to New York for the first time and as I am on a plane for 8 hours, I thought I would give you a guide on 5 things you really need to fly with.

1. Noise cancelling headphones. These are definitely a must, if you have a baby on board (which is likely) then the last thing you need is to hear a crying baby on board throughout a 8 hour flight. In addition, you can comfortably take advantage of the in flight entertainment system without having uncomfortable earphones or the on board ones with low quality sound.

2. Comfy clothes is a must. Tomorrow I am planning on wearing some leggings as the last thing you need is being stuck in tight jeans for 8 hours. A baggy top and a hoodie will keep you nice and cool if you get too hot as well as warm if you are feeling a bit chilly; which can happen due to the ventilation on board.

3. Travel Beauty Essentials. Depending whether you want to land with makeup on varies what you will take on board. In my case I want to put some makeup on to freshen myself up before I land so i’m taking a light foundation, lip balms, my MAC lipsticks (of course) and mascara and eyeliner. Obviously take what you feel is necessary for your personal choice however I would definitely recommend some moisturizer and lip balm seeing as the air vents can really dry out your skin and lips.

4. A book/audiobook/magazine is ideal. I like to read books on Wattpad therefore seeing as I will have no internet in the sky (dramatic cries and sobs) I download my stories before therefore I have a wide variety of books at my fingertips. Books are good to take if you have one you enjoy. Another great thing about flying is if you have a book that you have been meaning to read for ages, you’ll have plenty of time on the flight to get started. Reading can also help you unwind and fall asleep which is definitely a great alternative rather than taking sleeping tablets.

5. Finally is a bottle of water. As I mentioned before being on board dehydrates you so it’s important to drink loads. For me I don’t really like water so if you’re like me maybe pick up some flavored water (but not too sugary as you will be kept awake). Remember to buy it after security as you won’t be able to take it through and there’s no point of spending money on refreshments only to throw them away.

Id also like a send a big thanks to Virgin Atlantic for helping me with a few of these, cause the most important thing to fly is the ticket itself!

Lots of Love


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