About Me

– 18th July 2015 –

Welcome to Originally Courtney, My name is Courtney Cummins and I am live in Surrey which is just situated outside of the London region. I find immense enjoyment in fashion beauty and travelling which is what my blog is all about. I cover these categories on my YouTube channel ‘Originally Courtney’ as well as on here. As a person I have developed and changed with my hobbies and lifestyle choices however YouTube and blogging is one that I still keep up to this day. Obviously otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Recently up to now I was a figure skater / ice dancer however with a lot of decision thinking and much thought I decided to give it up as I have changed as a person since I started having lessons back in 2011.

Nevertheless I can ensure you I won’t be giving this up anytime soon and I thoroughly enjoy writing blog posts which fall into the categories you can see above. I created segments to this blog therefore you can rummage through this blog and find the stuff you enjoy reading without the inconvenience of other things you may not find suit your tastes.

For business enquiries only please contact me by: courtney@originallycourtney.co.uk

Personally I would love to hear your thoughts on my blog and ideas you would love to see, therefore feel free to tweet me via Twitter my account is @courtneybekahx

Hope you enjoy Originally Courtney and what I have to share with you.

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