Another Life Update | The Vamps & Trying Nandos For The 1st Time.

Hello Lovelies,

Wow, I must admit, typing a proper another blog post feels incredibly weird but I love it. It feels good to be back typing to the few of you who read my blog post. So today it is time for another life update  because I think a lot has happened since I last typed an update whenever that was. So Courtney what have you been up to? Well the truth is not that much and nothing interesting these last few weeks. However… the highlight of these last 2 months would be meeting my favourite band members again. Yes that’s right, you guessed it…. The Vamps. I met up with my friend Lea, who has literally made this year so good for me and managed to get me to meet Brad, James, Connor and Tristan again. Except this time it was properly and this time I didn’t have staff telling me not to ‘touch them’ and I quote ‘sniff them’ yes, they treated us like we were animals or something when I met them last. I met up with Lea a few weeks before I think it was and we went to Westfields and spent the day there which was absolutely lovely, because I am really close to Lea and she is like my big sister so it was lovely to have a catch up and sit in Starbucks and Subway for ages just talking. So yeah, I saw the boys again and it was literally another highlight to my year because I just felt so happy in that moment spending time with them. Even if it did include Lea dragging me to Brad and me being awkward and quiet, which is definitely not like me once you get used to me. I got some very cute photos and a very nice long hug from Brad. I also got a cute polaroid with Tristan and I was literally speechless after they went because it’s crazy how band members can completely change your mood. After this Lea and Vanessa took me to Nandos so I could try it for the first time ever. Writing this now makes it feel like such a long time ago when in reality it was a month ago. I didn’t think too much of the Nandos because I only had a starter of chicken and chips because I wasn’t feeling too hungry after the adrenaline rush. However I want to go again, where this time I can actually eat something.

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(I only had this photo on my laptop as others are on hard drive however I’ve posted them on my twitter and instagram which are both @courtneybekah_)

Another thing has been exams, I have had my science exams (unit one – core science) and my mocks, as well as having coursework and controlled assessments, and I am currently in the process of doing an English controlled assessment for Romeo and Juliet and a science ISA. Which is totally what I want to be doing *not*.

Despite the stress, I am trying to stay positive as we only have a month of school left till the summer which I am so happy about and can’t wait.

I reckon that’s pretty much a summary of my life recently. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and feel free to leave suggestions. Okay I should probably start finishing up as its nearly 12am oops.

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Lots Of Love

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