BeautyCon; London 2015 ♡

Hello Lovelies,

So if you follow me on Twitter you might of known that I managed to get some tickets to the beauty convention called BeautyCon from my friend Emilie, she gave me tickets and I was eternally grateful that I could go because of her so I think you should all go and follow her; @emiliejxnes because she’s fabulous. The event took place at Kensington Olympia in London as London is one of the stops on the BeautyCon tour. I attended BeautyCon with my closest friends Rachael, Steph, Georgia, Madi and Charlie-Ann and I had an amazing time.

When we arrived we walked straight in due to being slightly late (however it didn’t effect us at all) and we beat the queues. We headed straight to Tess Christine’s meet and greet queue where Steph and Georgia were already lining up. So when it was my turn to finally meet Tess I was so happy because I have been watching her videos for ages and couldn’t wait to finally meet her (because she currently lives in NYC) so it was amazing to finally meet her. It was lovely to see her in person and shes honestly so nice and genuine and you could tell she genuinely cares about her viewers. She took the time to take plenty of photos and I managed to get standing photos, selfie and a Polaroid as well as a video with her for my video from BeautyCon and a video message for Steph. Honestly I couldn’t of met a nicer YouTuber and I hope that when she comes back to London I can see her again because she was sweet and followed and tweeted me during her hectic day. If you haven’t checked out her channel you must by clicking HERE trust me you won’t regret it and her Twitter is @tesschristine so go and follow her because she’s gorgeous and overall just fabulous.


While in the queue for Tess there was two other YouTubers there and I headed over to them and started talking to Jennie who is also known as JJ. Her Twitter is @TheBeautybyJJ and click HERE to go to her channel. She was wearing a gorgeous white dress with a green and white jacket and gorgeous shoes. Literally she looked absolutely gorgeous and she was so sweet to talk to.

After we headed to another meet and greet this was for Teala and Tanner. I had been watching Teala for ages so to get to meet her was absolutely amazing and we got a cute photo of the three of us. She was so lovely and so was Tanner and I was extremely happy to finally get to meet them! They are both just as gorgeous in real life and I don’t understand how they kept their energy after travelling from America.


Throughout the day we walked around and went to the stalls to have a look. Meanwhile I saw Gemma – @gemmahowee (also known as TrueBeutie click HERE to go to her channel) she looked so lovely and her outfit was gorgeous, we had a conversation and she was lovely enough to check out my channel which meant a lot because it is hard starting out and I love her videos so it meant a lot to me that she checked out my channel. I also saw Emily-Victoria Canham and her boyfriend Jake Boys and I got photos meanwhile telling Jake that he better look after Emily! Us girls got to stick together right? Jake also decided to photobomb me and Emily’s selfie together. Also walking around I met Niomi and she was so sweet even though I felt like she was busy but we got photos and then I returned to my group of friends. So many YouTubers were just walking around, such as we saw Aidan walking around before he snuck off with his lolly or drumstick out the back exit. Finally just wandering around I met Fleur (Fleur De Force) and not going to lie I was sort of freaking out inside purely for the fact I have watched her for years and I never thought I would meet her. Even though it was really quick meeting her I am so grateful for the chances I got with everyone, even if my photos really did turn out awful.

image image image image image image

I also got the chance to meet Amanda/Mandy (MBM24) and Aidan and let me tell you I was so happy. Just like with Fleur I had been a fan for ages and I couldn’t believe it when I met her. She was so lovely despite being really sick and carried on through the meet and greet and I really admire her for that. My photos with both are really awful however I am just so glad I got the chance to meet them both and they both looked hella stylish. I hope Mandy is feeling better after her being ill and hope everything wasn’t too much for her. Nevertheless she still looked amazing and was so so lovely to meet.

image image



After meeting people we walked around and looked at more stalls. We went in the NYX photo-booth before and after meeting Mandy and Aidan and then we also found Teala again who was walking with her mum who was filming and got more selfies. After meeting everyone we just went around to all the photo-booths and me and Rachael found a meet and greet which was empty so we sat down at the table to get a picture before security tried scaring us away (which worked btw).

image image

Overall I had a brilliant time and I got to spend it with my amazing friends and I had a really good time and had such a blast as well as meeting my favourite people.

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Lots Of Love


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