Becoming Healthier.

So as you are reading this you obviously have seen that this is my new ‘Get Fit With Me’ blog.

I decided to do this blog because I personally want to get healthier. This isn’t to actually loose weight specifically. My reasons to become healthier are to have more energy and feel better about myself. The only thing I would like to change is to tone my stomach a bit more. For some reason my stomach likes to become bloated really easily so I could eat a sandwich and I will be bloated. So I’m hoping my toning up it won’t be as bad.

Like I said I want to do it for more energy! This last week has been extremely tiring for me and I have even found myself finding that I could easily sleep in a lesson. I thought of changing my diet, exercising more it will help me feel better. In addition I find myself not being able to sleep at night till around 12-1am which is not good with 7/6 hours sleep, this is why I’m hoping for the exercising to tire me out.

I’m not sure what else to put on here but I am going to keep you guys updated with tips that I find help me and I may make a few video’s over on my YouTube channel (originallycourtney < obviously>)

That’s it for now. (Here’s a picture that my cousin Jessica ( took for her media coursework)

Lots of Love

Courtney  x