Lucy Williams & Sammi Maria

Blogging Inspiration

I’m always keeping an eye out to get inspiration from many things in life, whether that’s inspiration for an outfit or a YouTube video idea or like now blogging. I’ve been blogging on here for nearly two years now and every so often I hit a bump in my blogging brain and I no longer get enjoyment out of what I’m speaking about. Previously my blog posts have been very chatty and simple however that isn’t enough for me anymore. I gain enjoyment over creating fashion boards: piecing items from a variety of stores and creating an outfit with them causes great happiness to me.

However the time has come to research and discover some blogs that I can receive inspiration from and I’ve finally found two that have caught my eye and are on my must-read bloggers.

Fashion Me Now

Lucy Williams is a ‘full-time blogger, freelance writer and brand consultant.’ who lives in West London.┬áI recently came across FMN and I can’t correctly remember how, but I’m glad I did. Lucy constantly always produces 100% high quality blog posts varying from fashion and beauty to travel and living, which I all thoroughly enjoy and take great interest in. Her sense of style is amazing as she pieces together outfits from old pieces found in her wardrobe and pairing them with new pieces. I thoroughly enjoy reading her travel section and looking at her beautiful adventures makes me feel excitement for the future when I will be able to discover these amazing countries. I highly reccomend Lucy’s blog, it will leave you feeling as if you have fantastic knowledge of what’s ‘in’ at them moment and her travel posts will leave you wanting to take a little break from home.


Samantha/Sammi Maria has been a YouTuber I have watched for a long time which I’m pretty sure my friend Chloe┬áintroduced me to a few years back. In a conversation with Chloe recently, she mentioned that Sammi’s blog was really enjoyable and well designed and it never occurred to me to check out her blog despite constantly watching her YouTube videos. Chloe was right, it’s amazing. Just like Lucy’s, Sammi has the clean white theme going on which I have also had for a while as well. I believe it makes it feel more fresh and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Sammi’s pictures on her blog are beautifully taken and lightly edited however making the page burst with colour which definitely compliments the white background. Her variety of posts always keep me entertained and wishing I had her creativity just like Lucy’s.

I hope you enjoy these two bloggers and let me know what other blogs you enjoy reading by tweeting me @courtneybekahx or commenting below.