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Last night I plugged in my external hard drive into my laptop and was searching through some photos. That’s when it hit me how much I have actually changed through the years. I started reminiscing on the old times and looking back and seeing if I can remember what these photos were of. I mean some of these were from early 2013 and while others were from 2010 but it made me realize how much I had changed throughout the years, even though I keep some features the same, others have changed.

Here is a photo of me in around 2000. I look nothing like me however I still maintain the same curls except much longer, I am around two years of age in this .


I look extremely chubby in this and the blonde girl you see is my cousin Jessica you can check Jessica’s blog out by clicking here and check her YouTube out by clicking here

Moving swiftly on I was around 7 or 8 and this next photo was taken when I was in year 3.


This photo was taken before this beauty thing I was participating in. It was to win a dress and be on the carnival float (sort of thing). I remember one of best friends at the time Ellie, won. I was devastated that I didn’t win but now looking back I find it funny. However it was a great experience to have, and looking back I am glad it is one of my memories from primary school.

Looking back I have changed quite a lot, however I still have the same curly hair and naturally thick eyebrows except now I wear my hair straight and have the chubby cheeks. I showed my Nan the first photo and she didn’t even recognize me which I found weird. These next few photos are the most recent photos from 2010 up to 2014.

alton towersThis photo was taken in August 2010 at Alton Towers.

During 2011, I didn’t go to Alton Towers however this is the photo from 2012 Alton Towers, this is when i was going from a dark brown to blonde.


And this one below was taken in August 2014 however we had come back from our holiday two days before this and we only had one day of rest therefore I don’t look my finest and my hair looks very fluffy.


Its fair to say I have changed quite alot, from having my being both brown and blonde and looking completely different with different hair colours.

And finally to finish off, these last two photos are from August 2013 and April 2014.

1149052_555808531122168_2072597858_n 7 second challenge

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I know it’s slightly different but I wanted to write something that relates to me more and so you can see more, and just see how much I have changed if you haven’t followed me on my YouTube journey of my older channels from late 2010/ early 2011 to current time of June 2014. I hope to keep making videos for the future and keep writing my blog as I would love to look back in the future and see all old photos, blog posts and my thoughts from previous years. Thank you for reading and remember I now have my wristbands on sale which you can click here to directly go to the page. Shipping will start on the 2nd July and there’s only a limited amount so go and order while stocks last!

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