Dealing With Exam Stress ♡

Hello Lovelies,

Sorry for the lack of content on both here and my YouTube channel, I am in the midst of exam season and I’m nearly finished with only my English exam on Friday to go and my History, Maths and Media after my short half term, which I will be revising throughout *hopefully* however instead of making excuses I decided to create something positive about the situation and write about how to deal with exam stress.

I am normally someone who gets quite stressed out over things, whether it’s missing my train back home from London or having a test coming up. However throughout this time where I feel I should be stressed the most I have pretty much been stress free, apart from being ill in the middle of exams and being taken off school in between my exams leading me to missing lessons which would be stressful for anyone.

The key note I have found that has left me feeling not stress is not to cram in with revision. Yes I could have definitely done with revising more, however I haven’t been stressed out nor spending my time revising 24/7. I came to the conclusion that I would rather be less stressed and not have revised as much then to be completely burned out and no energy going into the exam feeling tired. So yes revise but don’t cram too much in, if you want to have a break, have a break, if you want a nap go take a nap. After all it’s your exams and you will achieve what you put in.

Another thing is try and explain to family that pressure isn’t helping you (if it doesn’t) I don’t work well when pressured to do stuff so my mums aware and allows to revise at my own time or when I want to. She doesn’t nag me about revising which I am thankful for because it means if I feel like nothing is going in I don’t need to stress and keep on revising.

Take cups of tea up to bed to help you sleep and take nice long hot baths or showers, that normally helps me and try and get early nights if possible. I go on my phone till I’m too tired as telling myself I am going to go to bed at exactly let’s say 11:45 doesn’t help me at all.

Just remember to try your best and I hope all your exams have gone to plan and if not don’t worry it’s not the end of the world, as long as you tried your best you will be proud of yourself and so will your family members.

♡ Stay Calm, Stay Cool, Stay Collected. You are fabulous ♡

Lots Of Love


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