Drizzly Autumn In Ireland

26th October 2013

A holiday close to home, my trip to Ireland two years ago barely felt like a vacation as such however a great alternative for those who become homesick easily.¬†I thought I would reminisce on this little trip¬†despite the substantial time period between the actual journey and the post with all the details… No matter how small the details may be. This getaway wasn’t intended to be a relaxation trip and it certainly filled that expectation. A mere flight of 1 hour 20 minutes from London Gatwick to Knock in the Republic of Ireland and a 45 minute car journey to the west which brought us to our home for the next week or so Westport.

A majority of the trip was based around family-orientated activities with the family of friends including a little adventure to Westport house which was in walking distance from the apartment we spent very little time in throughout our stay. Filled with Halloween attractions, minuscule train rides for the little ones, colourful face paints turning the little children into witches and skeletons to their preference and pumpkin carving, it was festival to say the least. Something I came back with was that the Irish definitely participate in Halloween better than us Brits. Welcomed at the door with Irish accents masked by fully grown adults participating in the festive holiday as they were dressed head to toe in Halloween garments holding a bowl full of all sorts of chocolate and sweets… Which probably made me gain ten pounds by just looking at it.

A trip to Ireland in the last week of October guaranteed no extreme heat or blazing UV rays onto my skin which insured that I arrived back to London Gatwick as pale as I was when I left. However with giving a night feed to a newly christened baby for the first time, running after little ones and sleeping on a sofa bed which might as well been the floor, definitely insured me being greeted back to London with a headache and a strong anticipation for my own bed. Nevertheless I enjoyed this Autumn getaway and experienced a lot of affection from little children due to our departure.

The disappointment of not taking as many photos of the beautiful scenery two years ago has finally hit me, definitely teaching me a lesson that you can never have enough photos and always take as many as you can. Despite not having a load of photography of this beautiful country a short montage of my trip available to watch on YouTube may accustom you with the lack of images provided with some clips from my short break in under a minute.

A lesson learnt is that I will be insuring that I capture as many photographs possible at every opportunity no matter how effective the image may be, to share with you all in the future…