Egyptian Sunsets

22nd August 2014

With blazing temperatures soaring up to an average of 39°C, unlimited peach iced tea and unlimited pancake and donuts what else could you possibly ask for? The Royal Albertros Moderna resort in Sharm El Sheikh, Nabq Bay is an phenomenal 5* accommodation. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Sharm then this is a recommendation from me to you. I already visited this hotel before therefore I knew what to expect however with the experience of staying at another resort and returning to this hotel, I knew it would be a great trip.

This vacation was full of activities both adventurous and relaxing. From a trip on a speedboat visiting a wrecked boat in the sea, quad biking to a relaxing day in the spa. The full body massage was a dream. I never found myself bored or that I felt the need to find something to do. The onsite water park is great fun however the burning pavement may have knocked the little fun out of it nevertheless I felt like a little kid at heart as I got on the rainbow slides and raced my little sister to the bottom. While on the speedboat we managed to catch a glimpse of some dolphins which I didn’t expect to see.

Not to mention the waters were beautifully clear, so when we decided to take break and have a little swim in the sea  you could see the tropical fishes swimming around you.

The speedboat excursion was phenomenal, the thrill of going fast through the waves, the beautiful glimpse of the dolphins swimming freely and the sunset we watched as we headed back to land. The silhouettes created in the pictures

There are many more activities to share with you, however I think we would be here all day however I made a video over on my YouTube channel with beautiful clips from the moment I check in at London Gatwick which discovers the beauty of Sharm to share with you.

I can’t wait to share more adventures on here with you in the upcoming future.