Fitness Update.

Hello Everyone,

So obviously i started eating healthier and being healthier and it has helped to a certain extent. At first I started cutting down on junk food and recently have been starting to eat junk food again so I thought it would be best for me to have a break so I am currently having a break of 2/3 weeks. This is because every single day for over a month and a bit I was counting calories and making sure I ate less than 1,700 calories which means I would only cut down by 1,700. However I did realize a difference. I cut down on quite a few things and I wasn’t getting as bloated as much. I could see my stomach slimming down and I was doing more sit ups and crunches so therefore saw more abs and muscle building. However being so strict on yourself creates cravings and at the beginning of cutting down I felt more tired and had quite a few headaches. However it was worth it.

I know I haven’t updated much but I am going to try and gain my motivation back for becoming healthier again. I’ll try and promise to keep you lovely lot updated more often. If not tweet me at @courtneybekah_ to make sure I don’t procrastinate.

Lots Of Love

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