Half Term: A Blog a Day – On The Radio – Tuesday 8th – Thursday 10th April 2014.

Hello Lovelies,

This blog post is going to cover Tuesday 8th, Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th because the last three days I haven’t been up to much so there isn’t any point of having a single blog post for each one so here the past three days are.

Tuesday 8th April 2014

So today Jessica went home, her mum (my auntie) picked her up around 11.30am. We both woke up feeling quite sad at the thought that Monday was over and feeling quite tired. I was feeling quite down that morning just the fact that I had missed the events of Monday night. I was feeling especially tired and this day consisted of me sitting on my laptop and waiting for the vlogs off Marcus, Joe and Caspar as well as Dean Sherwood (he produces The Vamps videos) however it was out of his hands as he just filmed, edited and uploaded and it wasn’t his say for when the video went up. I can’t exactly remember what I done on Tuesday I’m pretty sure it consisted of me watching clips off my very dodgy camera. I also stayed up till 4am and me and a friend who I have made on twitter was spamming at 4am for our follow (which we still haven’t managed to get)

Wednesday 9th April 2014

Today I was awoken to find out I was going to go shopping with my mum and my little sister. Also my cousin told me that Deans’ video of The Vamps Last Night Launch Party in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust had gone up. Which you can actually see me in and see Brad looking towards me in. I went shopping and didn’t find anything which was probably the best for me seeing as I need to start saving my money after spending so much money and only being 4 months into the year already. I also saw my head in Marcus and Joes’ vlogs from Monday. I also filmed a video from what happened on Wednesday and started to edit which I restarted on Thursday.

Thursday 10th April 2014

Today I woke up pretty late at around 1.30pm which is bad but I haven’t had a proper lie in since half term started, this morning well should I say after my lie in. My mum had to go out with my sister so i stayed in and waited for some parcels that she was waiting for. I also attempted to edit my video then Adobe crashed so I decided to procrastinate and leave it. Again today consisted of me watching YouTube videos. Most of today I was busy listening to the ‘Top 40 Charts’ and laughing my head off on our group chat. This is a shout out to my ‘pickleberries’ because they’re awesome and I love them all. They all make me laugh so much and keep calling me famous even though I am definitely not famous. I also done some hoovering. *how fun*

The evening was more exciting. I spoke on ‘Stafford FM’ about The Vamps Last Night Launch Party in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust, speaking about amazing that it was in aid of TCT and that it definitely was a great experience and a great thing that has happened to me. I also mentioned that if you text ‘VAMPS’ to 70500 it will make a donation of £5 to Teenage Cancer Trust and all the proceedings go towards the Charity so if you reading this are feeling generous please donate!

That’s it for the last three days! They have been very boring but hey ho, I’m not used to writing a blog for each day. So I guess I’m trying something new.

Lots Of Love

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