Hectic Whirlwind

Since having this blog I have had my fair share of excuses for why I haven’t kept up to date with blogging – seeing as it’s a passion of mine. However, these last few months have been hectic and my life is a complete whirlwind, nothing exciting nevertheless still hectic. I underestimated the power of how much time school work takes up and with a first job taking over my weekends I never quite cherished those Sunday lie ins till midday.¬†

I may or may not have taken too much on my plate when I decided that starting a job so close to starting college was a good idea – or what seemed a good idea at the time. Nearly a month into my first year of college I’ve already been introduced to the work pile that no doubt will multiply by stupid amounts by the end of this year let alone the end of spring/summer term. On top of that with work taking over both my¬†weekend days, YouTube and blogging aren’t the only things I have had to forfeit. Figure skating and Thorpe Park are two of the many things I have had to forfeit since taking my job offer.

Nevertheless I still have brief times when I will be able to post a blog or maybe film a YouTube video but in my mindset I am aiming for university to study Law after college – who knows this may or may not change. However for now I want to insure that I can achieve those grades needed to get into university therefore when the time comes a long and I have made my decision I will have two different pathways or choices to make rather than being stuck with one.

When I manage to take a step back from it all and find a time to type a good quality blog post, then I will share it with you guys, however I would rather have good quality posts you can enjoy rather than posting sloppy boring posts – much like this one. However you’ll always find me on Twitter and Instagram which are both @courtneybekahx therefore if you want a more insight to what I am up to than they are your best shot.

I’ll be back in into the swing of things shortly, until then hold on – I promise it will be worth it.