How To Start A YouTube Channel.

Hello Lovelies,

Today I thought that I would write a blog post on how to start a YouTube channel, because I actually get asked quite a lot on how to get started on YouTube. So I’m just going to give you a few points and tips to help you get started. I know that I have done this before but it wasn’t that good and now more people are interested so I decided to do an update.

1) Create A YouTube Channel / Google Account

Okay I know this sounds a bit of on obvious thing to do but you will want to create a YouTube account. Once this is done then your YouTube channel won’t currently have a custom URL. This is a major problem since YouTube updated, you now have to go through the struggle of finding out how to create your own channel name. I may right a blog post on this one day but for now you can search it on Google as you have to go through your settings. Once you have got to that stage create an easy simple channel name. I chose originallycourtney has its simple and easy to remember. It will stick in your audiences mind so they won’t forget. Like I mentioned in my older version of this blog post don’t have a load of random numbers as its very hard to remember. Also I recommend not to have a celebrity or band name in your username this is because you may one day get a large audience however you will be remembered for a band you may not even like anymore.

* Extra Tip

Icon & Channel Art: It’s simple however it makes your channel seem more inviting and captures your viewers attention. Also having a nice channel will look presentable and may encourage you to upload more often.

2) Choose Your Genre & Make Your Content

Choosing your genre will help you start off with, for example my genre was just normal vlogging and talking to the camera (that sounds slightly creepy but I promise It’s not!) After a while I introduced artsy videos and then beauty videos into my channel, again you don’t have to do this but on my own experience I found it easier knowing what content I wanted to make.

3) Editing

Make your videos nice, short and sweet. Keep them around 4 minutes long. Of course it doesn’t matter if your videos are longer but to be honest not a lot of people want to sit there through your 15 minute long video with you rambling. Try to edit your videos so there isn’t a lot of rambling and long pauses. This captures your audiences attention.

4) Create Social Media & Share Your Content

I would suggest creating a Twitter account or something where you can promote your content. This makes it easier to get a base for your viewers and that way you can let your audience know when you have uploaded. Once you have your social media start spreading your content and channel creating awareness to your followers helping you gain some subscribers and get people engaged in your content.

5) Just Enjoy It

Finally enjoy making your content, don’t start it thinking you’re doing it to become a big YouTuber or about the money. Do it because you enjoy it or you’ll loose interest really quickly and find yourself quitting.


That’s it for today I hope you enjoyed and I hope this helps you start a YouTube channel. Go follow me on my social media, all links down below and tweet me your YouTube channels so I can check them out 🙂

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