How To YouTube: Getting Started #1


So this is my first post on my new segment ‘How To YouTube’ so as I normally say in my videos “Lets get started!”

Firstly before you even start YouTube, you want to brainstorm what sort of content you will be producing . There is no point jumping into creating a username for example; ‘vlogging with (insert name)’ if you decide that you want to produce gaming videos. This is why it is always best to create a name that will not reflect exactly what you are doing unless you are 100% certain that the certain topic in your username is what you are definitely doing.

Once you have brainstormed what your content includes you want to create a YouTube account. However since Google+ is connected with YouTube, you will need to disable Google+ to create a username. In my opinion I think not having a username is especially harder to discover new people and definitely search on YouTube.

If you are disconnected to Google+ and are creating a username, you want to have something catchy and simple to remember, however creating usernames was extremely hard and I went hours or sometimes even days trying to come up with until I came up with OriginallyCourtney. Make sure not to add stupid amounts of numbers. The amount of accounts I have seen like ‘X(insert name)Xloves(insert favourite celebrity)17475927…..’ and the list goes on.

Try to include your name as its easy to search, REMEMBER the more people that search you the easier you will be to find on YouTube and in the search bar one day your name may pop up.

Thats mainly my tips on getting started, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I will try to reply back. You can also message me on my YouTube channel. However can be slow replying if I am not online.

Thats all for now, and stay tuned for #2.


– Courtney


  • ocaveney

    Its a shame, I though XOllieXLovesBieber1234567X was the greatest username…