Introduce My Videos?

Hello Lovelies,

I’ve come to the decision that I would love other people to introduce my videos from now on. I am going to do this similarly to my ‘Hyde Park Festival 2014’ video. You can click here to go to the video to see what I am on about. As you see at the start of the video my friend Chloe says “hi welcome to originallycourtney” so I would like some of you to introduce my upcoming videos. If you would like to take part then this is what is needed

1) You don’t have to use a fancy camera and if you have a decent quality phone camera then feel free to record on that. It doesn’t have to be amazing quality however you must be able to be seen and heard clearly. Also if you are filming on a phone make sure the phone is landscape as otherwise i won’t be able to use it.

2) All you need to say is “Hi welcome to originallycourtney” leaving a few seconds before and after the clip. That way it is easier for me to edit it.

3) Don’t worry if your video / introduction isn’t used first or until a few entries. It just depends on how many people actually want to do this.

4) I’m currently finding the best way for you to send the entries in, however if you have a youtube channel, you can always upload your video to youtube as unlisted and then tweet the link to me or message it to me on my facebook page which you can click here to go to. If you are interested make sure to tweet me or dm me on twitter so I can start counting numbers.

You don’t have to do it but I thought it would be a cool idea and also your twitter @ will be put in the description of the video you are featured in. I hope some of you will do this and I look forward to seeing them soon 🙂

Lots Of Love

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