Jack & Jack Are Back – London 2015

A Sunday off work meant a much deserved lie in wasn’t existent on this day off. Instead of laying in bed all day, my Sunday consisted of an early wake up, a day of queuing and an evening of singing in a mosh pit. I managed to buy tickets for Jack & Jack back in June in the last weeks of the exam season which added some excitement during the stressful last month of exams. I surprised Evie & Chloe with tickets and leaving Evie in her exam and coming out and thinking that we didn’t manage to get them however not able to contain my excitement we finally told her.

Five months after purchasing the tickets our day finally came to the day of the show, pre-booked days off work meaning we could arrive at the venue early which we did so. When we arrived at the venue barely 20 people were there, consisting of GA and M&G. We all formed a queue and saved each other spaces for breaks and going to get food which was lovely of everyone to do. After over nine hours of queuing we were finally checked and let into the venue (o2 Academy Islington).

The show was opened by the support act which was Mic Lowery (@wearemiclowery) who were amazing and super talented. When they came on I wasn’t sure what to expect as I hadn’t heard of them before however they were amazing and you should all go and check them out. After warming up the crowd Jack & Jack came on welcomed by an uproar of screams and lots of cheering.

If you haven’t set attended show, here is an insight of some of the set list. For anymore you’ll have to go yourself or watch videos on YouTube.

  • Like That
  • Wild Life
  • Cold Hearted
  • Groove
  • Tides

The show lasted an hour and a half roughly with Jack & Jack on stage from 8.30-9.30. It was an amazing an experience and the only thing I would change is to get M&G. After meeting lovely people in the queue for M&G we started to realise how much we were missing out. However due to the time of tickets going on sale we didn’t have jobs or enough money for M&G however we are hoping next year we will be able to buy tickets (M&G) off of someone.

Apologies for being a casual blog post, I fancied doing something less formal as well as this concert being the only exciting thing happening in my life. Follow my twitter for updates and more pictures from the show. Hopefully I’ll be back into the swing of things shortly when I get my time management sorted. Stay tuned.