Meet The Vamps Tour, Teen Awards and Shawn Mendes.

Hello Lovelies,

Once again I leave my blog empty and I apologies profusely for this. However I have actually been up to some things the last two weeks or so, so here is a little update on some things.

On Wednesday 15th October, I went to see ‘The Vamps’ at the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith – London. I don’t want to go into too much depth but all I’ll say it was a phenomenal night and muchly enjoyed. Especially climbing onto the stage and sitting on the edge (and don’t worry, the boys wanted fans to get on stage before you start the ‘that’s crazy’ comments.)

I also went to the Teen Awards at Wembley Arena, which was amazing and I am very proud of all the people who got their awards and especially when Zoe claimed her award holding the title for two years running and of course when The Vamps beat One Direction! Also which was amazing and very heart warming was all the teenagers who won awards for the ‘Teen Heroes’ I thought it was very touching and I felt very happy and proud of these people who I wouldn’t of heard of before.

I also met Shawn Mendes this week on Tuesday and I was very happy and lucky. He is such an amazing singer and a very humble person, who stopped for many of fans even though he had to catch his flight and pack for leaving. I think quite a few artists and celebrities should look at him and have the same attitude towards their fans.

Sorry this is a very short post however I will post some more things soon and I am working on a few posts so yes. Stay tuned and if I don’t post tweet me and nag me to upload (@courtneybekah) also go and follow my Instagram because I’m feeling very lonely over there.

Lots Of Love

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shawn xx