My Summer 2015 | Week One

Hello Lovelies,

Today I thought I would write, well technically type up a new blog post. My summer has started (technically my last exam was a week ago tomorrow) therefore I’ve had a week to refresh and now I’m back and I decided that I will be updating you every Sunday on my week and this should be around 12 weeks long, maybe less. However I have an extremely long summer and I really want to make the most of it so by writing blog posts every week (at least once) it will make me make sure that I make the most of it (wow a lot of ‘makes’ there).

So my last exam was last Monday (Monday 15th June) and that was my media exam. I think I done really well in it so fingers crossed I get a good grade because I’m really aiming for an A* in Media as it’s definitely my strongest subject.

On Tuesday I went to my friends Hannah and Freya’s as they were hosting a kind of end of exams BBQ for our friendship group and it was so lovely to socialize and spend time with my closest friends for the majority of the day 2pm-10pm and if you have been here for a while you will know I don’t tend to socialize and often don’t attend social things with school friends or people often. So it was really nice to spend some time with my closest girls before we separate into groups for different colleges in September.

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On Wednesday I headed off to the hairdressers to get my hair dyed in preparation for prom (thank you mum) so my hair could match my extensions as my hair had faded a lot and when I dyed it again (with a box colour) it went too golden and didn’t match my extensions. This was quite a quiet day and didn’t really get up to much apart from get my hair dyed, came home and straightened it.

On Thursday I headed off over to my sister in laws to see my little niece Poppy and we spent some time over there like we do every Thursday and it was a really chilled day, nothing exciting really happened apart from seeing my niece, brother David and Gemma.

Friday was another really chilled day. I walked to my sisters school to see her receive a certificate she was really proud of, I walked home and attempted to make a healthy lunch, let’s just say i’m not the best cook and then practiced some prom makeup.

Saturday was definitely a more busy day to say the least. I went shopping in the afternoon because I finally had been convinced to buy some Joni jeans and  I am extremely in love with them! I also bought two pairs of eyelashes and some eye shadow for prom and headed off home to get ready for the end of exams party. Once I was ready I headed over to my friend Keeley’s house as her mum was dropping us off and we took some group photos of me, Keeley, Evie, Elise and Ella and we all headed to our friend Lily’s party. I had a really good night and slightly under estimated how tiring it would be dancing for a few hours, but it was such a good night with great music and I overall had a great time with all my friends.

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Finally on Sunday (today) I went on a helicopter ride and went our for a meal. The helicopter ride was extremely fun and had amazing views. I would definitely love to do it again.


That’s it for this week! See you all next Sunday!

Lots Of Love


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