My Summer 2015 | Week Two

Hello Lovelies,

This is my second blog post on my summer holidays and sorry for it being over a day late, I completely forgot to type it up however it’s better late than never.

On Monday I had a really relaxing day, this is pretty much due to me sleeping in till late and I just sat down tweeting, instagramming and other social networking through the day. I also spent some time editing some Instagram photos and lots and lots of sleeping.

Tuesday was a more productive day, I went to sleep early hours of Tuesday morning and woke up a few hours later to get ready to go to Hyde Park for my friend Melissa’s birthday. There was a massive group of us and we all decided to go and enjoy the sunshine in Hyde Park. The majority of us hopped onto a bus (a very short journey bus) to Marble Arch,seeing as we were on the other side of Hyde Park and went to get some food. I ended up eating a McDonald’s even though I have been cutting down on food and stop eating junk food the last two weeks due to prom and my prom dress was too tight. However I treated myself to a McDonald’s and we all headed back to Hyde Park. We went on the pedalos and had a race which of course the pedalo I was in won (thank you Abi & Elise)! After an hour in the pedalos and having some music on while we enjoyed that hour we went and got some nice (but pricey) ice cream. I had a scoop of lemon on the bottom and honeycomb on the top (the honeycomb one was definitely nicer) and then we sat and chilled while listening to music and taking some cute photos.


Wednesday was more of a pre-prep day for prom as I had to wash, naturally dry my hair and then straighten it as well as getting everything ready for prom. (Not very exciting day I know).

On Thursday it was another prom prep day as it was the day before prom and my last ever day at school. I had to go into school for my leavers assembly and say goodbye to everyone, it was quite sad to say goodbye to people however I knew I would be seeing everyone at prom so it wasn’t too bad. I would also like to thank everyone who voted me as ‘Most Dramatic’ you know me too well. After the leavers assembly and saying a temporary goodbye to everyone I went out and got my nails done, which I had acrylics on my fingers and then a normal paint/polish on my toes as well as have my hair extensions glued in and putting on some fake tan.

Friday. PROM DAY! Not going to lie I felt sick for most of the morning as I was full of nerves but I got up washed off my fake tan and chilled for the morning. Leaving my face free of makeup until around 4:30pm. I got ready for prom and once I was ready I headed to my friends. I won’t go into too much detail as I will be doing a blog post on this in the next day or two so keep an eye out for that! The link will be posted onto my social media so you can go and follow me on that to be updated when I do upload it. I’ll post a sneak peak of photos below just to give some insight.


After prom we headed back to my friend Ella’s who was holding the after prom party which brings me on to ….

… Saturday. The after prom party was in full swing as we had all changed out of our long prom dresses and into short dresses which were a lot easier to dance in. We had a brilliant dance and there was a lot of laughing through the night. I’ll definitely talk about this in my prom post as I have more to talk about. I also thought it would be a great idea to walk home in a crop top and shorts at 6am with all my prom stuff in my hand. However it meant while everyone was asleep at Ella’s I could go back home and get into my own bed. My dad picked me up and we went back to his and ordered pizza. Which was really nice and had a quiet evening due to a busy night.

On Sunday I went to Thorpe Park with my dad and after we went out for a meal where I had steak which was amazing and I’ll leave a picture below to show you how good it was. After that I had a really chilled day and spent time on my phone and laptop and headed back home to my mums later in the evening.


I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post, I’m going to try to write more blog posts other than these but here is a start. I hope you are having a great week wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

Also like to make a comment someone madea comment on my video to link with something I made in a video and to clarify my blog posts are supposed to be freely written, therefore if something is not grammatically correct I’m not going to be fussy about it or go through all of my mistakes and correct them. This isn’t a book nor is it an essay. It’s essentially a diary for thoughts and events therefore this isn’t going to structured, more like thoughts and plans scribbled onto a piece of paper (with the addition of photographs).

Anyway apart from that I have nothing else more to say other than I hope you all have a lovely day and I will see you all soon.

Lots Of Love


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