♡ My 2014 Plans ♡

I decided to create blog posts on here instead on Blogspot because I thought it would be better to keep everything in one place so therefore its easier for you to find everything and also so its easier for me to update often enough and not procrastinate on all these different sites.

I decided for my first post I would tell you some of my aims for 2014 and what I also plan on doing this year.

I decided this summer I want to take advantage of the time I will have school especially with going into year 11 in September 2014. I want to be able to look back on the summer and realise that I spent it well, instead of the usual sleeping in till midday and then it being too late to go outside. In fact this is what I want to do for whenever I have a school holiday whether its a week or six weeks.

This year I want to attend so many more Gatherings. Last year I attended  5 gatherings including Summer In The City. My first gathering was the Thorpe Park gathering on the 12th April 2013 and I met so many amazing people who I am still friends with today. This year already I have attended a gathering which was on the 1st February. So already I have started gathering earlier this year.

This year I would also love to interview some people. I think it would be a great experience for the future as I love anything to do within the acting, media or presenting business. Whether its acting on stage, editing videos or presenting shows or interviewing people. I’m very keen on that and I would love the experience, whether its this year or sometime in the future.

♡ 2014 Bucket List ♡

1) More Acting, Dancing or Singing shows.

2) Meet The Vamps and see them live. *also includes getting 5/5 following on twitter.

3) Interview people.

4) Achieve a C or higher in my Science Exam in June.

5) Get a Merit or Distinction in my Dance Course.

6) Reach 10,000 subscribers ( A very high target I know ) But if I was to be more realistic my aim is 4,000/5,000 subscribers.

7) Spend time more wisely (basically the 3rd section/paragraph into this blog post)

8) Take my NISA tests for Skating and compete in some competitions.

9) Go to London more to see my friends.

10) Go to a concert or gig for the first time.


There is so many more but we would be here all day if I was to type them all. I may actually make a video on this soon.

Anyway off I go to get ready to upload my latest video.


Lots of Love

Courtney ♡



  • Jessica

    I loved this courtney! can’t wait to read more blog posts<3