New Advice Series.

Hello Lovelies,

I’ve decided I want to help people out with some problems that they might have whether its problems at home, school, with friendships, bulling, or other things like YouTube or are just looking for someones advice. So I have a submission box you can leave questions asking for advice on problems you may have.

Questions received are anon and will be answered as anon on a new series of videos I will be posting maybe once every two months (depending how many I receive) If you want me to give you the best advice I can then go to (well seeming as you are here then make sure you are on the home page. Once you’re on the homepage, scroll down and on the right hand side of the homepage you will see a Advice Submission and that’s where you can post them. Feel free to post any questions that you want advice on.

However remember I’m not an expert guru so the advice given will be based on what I think or isn’t expert advice. Also don’t worry I won’t be judging you on what you are asking, i’m being open minded. I hope this will help you after all that is what I want to do.

Remember the advice given will be on a video so you might want to head over to my channel to see if I uploaded, or you could subscribe to get notified when I upload, seeing as I can’t actually see who has posted the question I can’t contact you.

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Lots Of Love

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