New Channel // New Start

Hello Lovelies,

For quite a bit of time I have been contemplating whether to start a new channel. At first it was because I felt that originallycourtney wasn’t gaining the views I felt that I wanted. Having nearly 3,000 subscribers and only scraping 200-300 views mark wasn’t making me feel as contented in comparison to when one of my videos hit a staggering 68,000 views which made me feel so happy in ways you couldn’t imagine. However it’s not just that now that has changed my mind. I have come to the point where I would love to start making new content that is a bit more artsy and meaningful but I didn’t really want to do it on originallycourtney has I felt like I wanted to make a fresh start. In addition to this, it has given me a bit more motivation to carry on making videos as my motivation has been slacking recently. I’m now two weeks into summer and this time last year I would have jumped to the chance of making videos however now I don’t feel like that as much.  

I’m still going to be making content on originallycourtney, except i’ll be spending my time on projects and videos on courtneybekah, content that I can look back and be really happy with, originallycourtney will still be the same as before, doing lyrical pranks, how to videos and other content as previous.

What You Can Expect.

On my new channel you can expect more artsy videos, more meaningful videos and maybe some things I spend a lot of on; artsy videos and music videos to artists that are starting out.

If you would like to subscribe please go to or you can just click that which will direct you there. 

I also will have a separate twitter purely for non celebrity spam like my current one does *oops* @courtneybekah

I hope you’ll stick around and join me on my new channel, and who knows it might now even work out but I’m taking the risk and trying it out.

Lots Of Love

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