New York 2015

Hello Lovelies,

Yesterday I returned from my trip New York and since returning I have slept all day due to jet lag however with more than 14 and a half hours sleep I thought it was time to share my trip with you.

I went away on a media trip however I was with all my friends so it made the experience even better. I done many things and visited many places and walked many miles.

The first night New York we spent in a a coach travelling to New Jersey where our hotel was. Even though at some points it felt inconvenient and annoying that we weren’t based in central city it actually meant I visited two states while in America so now I have been to 4% of USA. Crazy right? We found somewhere to eat and headed back to the hotel to get a good night sleep.

Everything is very muddled up right now and to avoid me saying things in the wrong order I am going to describe the things we did in any order.

We went on a boat trip around Manhattan on the Hudson River and went under the Brooklyn Bridge and went past the Statue Of Liberty and this was a great opportunity to get some amazing photos (i’ll post these at the end). I stayed on the top deck for the majority of the time which was all open therefore there was no restrictions getting good photos however with being -8 degrees Celsius and with the wind nearing it to -13 if not colder it was quite a chilly experience and definitely left my face, hands and ears nice and red and blue. The only annoying part was that because it was so cold my phone kept turning itself off (damn you iphone).

I also went to the top of the Rockerfeller Center (aka Top of The Rock) the view was breathtaking and it was beautiful to see New York City all lit up at night.

We also visited Times Square as we walked through it to make our way to Sony Wonder Tech Labs where they had these different stations to look at. We also had a few hours shopping in Times Square although I didn’t get much shopping done, however I really enjoyed just walking around as it was such a beautiful place and I went up the red stairs and took lots of photos.

We also went to the 9/11 memorial where once the Twin Towers stood, it was absolutely beautiful and was really sad to walk around, nevertheless it was an amazing place to visit and I am glad I got the chance to visit there.

In addition to this we done lots and lots of walking, shopping on 5th Avenue and just overall having a good opportunity to look at all the surroundings. I found The New York Palace (where Serena lives in Gossip Girl) and got a picture outside of it.

Looking back on my trip I had an amazing time and really do miss it. Some parts where really overwhelming and I did get a little homesick which made some of the trip a little sad however now it has all sunken in I really did have an amazing time and I definitely want to visit again however I can definitely say I won’t be getting the opportunity to go for a little while, however that’s okay and when I do finally return I know I will make sure to do the things I didn’t have time to do in this trip, but New York isn’t going anywhere so I will surely be able to do it in the future.

I’m sure there is a lot of things I have forgotten to mention however I am going to share my favourite photos with you.

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