I know resolutions are stereotypically made at the start of the year to follow through and try your hardest throughout the year to stick to them however I believe it’s great to check yourself through the year and see how you’re progressing and if you gave up you may find giving yourself a reality check is a great motivation to start again.

My resolutions were more goals to reach rather than things to keep up. Even though I find myself succeeding in resolutions I made at the start of the year such as more viewers on my blog and get into the college I want, which both I have succeeded in even though we are over half way through the year. However I felt that some new resolutions needed to be made so I constantly have something to strike for in due course what we have left of 2015.


Organisation is a key resolution to me as I now understand how important it really is. With just finishing my GCSE’s I really wish I was more organised from the start, with building revision folders with all the content in and revising chunks from the start I think I would have found myself in a better position and mindset to sit my exams. Therefore I would find more peace of mind being more organised when I start college in September and hopefully will lead to not as much stress time exam season strikes us all again.



Yoga is something that has interested me for quite a while but the thought of standing in my room and doing different stretches made me think that I would look funny, even though no one can see me, what great logic!  Tonight I’ve already tried some yoga specifically for before bed and I feel more relaxed than before I completed it. Hopefully I’ll keep it up and I will start seeing a difference.



I’ve always enjoyed reading and for some reason lately I haven’t been reading, which I definitely must change because it’s a great way to quickly pass time and engages your brain a lot more than reading tweets. I currently have ‘Will Grayson, Will Grayson’ by John Green sitting beside me, which after this blog post is up I will be picking up and having a read until I fall asleep.



Music is honestly one of my favourite things about life and I don’t think when you’re young you fully understand and appriciate the concept of music. When I was little and was asked questions like ‘Would you live without music or TV?’ I would always wonder why people would choose music over TV, and I couldn’t grasp the concept of why anyone would rather listen to music than watch the newest episode of Tracy Beaker. Clearly I didn’t understand. Now these days with the likes of Arctic Monkeys and The 1975 being blasted though my headphones or laptop I am determined to discover some new beautiful music for my ears.



Finally just to live a little more. Not to stress over everything or be over analytical on everything that happens or goes through my mind. I would love to just head of to London without any structured plans for the day and see what I get up to or what happens. Go out and take photos of the world as cheesy as it sounds and really take in everything around me and appreciate life a bit more. I often find myself worrying over lots of things or taking things out of context which often ends up putting me into a foul mood and no one wants to be around someone like that. Generally to spend a little less time on social media and go out and enjoy socializing or appreciating my family a little more.


Let’s see how much of a positive impact I can make in the remaining five months of 2015.

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