RIP Emily Thackray (Assen).

Hello Lovelies,

This blog post is a slightly more sad blog post however I felt like it would be the right thing to do and to help spread awareness.

I have recently just found out that the vocal coach of a singing group I was in sadly passed away the other day. I am still short on the details of how and why and when exactly but I really wanted to write this post out there and here is some information on who she is.

Emily Thackray (also known as Emily Assen) had the end stage of Cystic Fibrosis however she miraculously was able to have a double lung transplant in January 2007. Battling through the pain she was always seemed to be a positive and bubbly person. I’ve known Emily for the last 3 or so years and she was always such a lovely positive person to be around and don’t get me wrong she worked us hard but we all loved her.

Because of her condition Emily was unable to have a child however thanks to Niki and Steve (they have a blog called which has all the details of their journey) they were surrogates for Emily and Adam. In 2013 they welcomed their daughter Sophia and were estatic to have a little family of their own.

Between this year or however long Emily became unwell again and heartbrokenly has passed away.

My thoughts are with her family, friends and work colleges and she we will be dearly missed. I felt like this post was necessary as she was a part of a lot of peoples lives as well as hoping to spread the awareness of Cystic Fibrosis.

I would some how love to raise some money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and help raise awareness and save lives. I would appreciate it loads if you could help me with some ideas that I could do to help raise some money.

RIP Emily.

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Lots Of Love


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