Road To Rhodes

29th July 2015

A little trip to my favourite country of Greece to the largest one of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes, where for one week my biggest problem was only choosing what bikini to wear. Staying in Faliraki was definitely not put to purpose what Faliraki is known for. Nightlife clubbing and partying wasn’t part of the agenda and instead I found myself sitting in the reception making create use of the free WiFi  or watching the entertainment put on by the animation team including James Corden lookalike Wayne.

There’s something about Greece that I love. I haven’t quite grasped what it is yet but even though it’s nothing like England there is something that I find homely about the country. Waking up to clear blue skies every morning with the sun shining bright and early at 7am made it less chore-like to get up at the early hours to claim our sunbeds for the day, which definitely says a lot because I’m not one to wake up at that time easily.


Sun Palace Hotel definitely gets a 100% recommendation from me. I very rarely visit a hotel and don’t want to leave at the end of my trip. There is normally  always something that makes me look forward to going home but not this time. The Sun Palace Hotel offers everything you could want from a variety of pools and a water park to a delicious variety of foods. The one fault I would say about the hotel was the air air conditioning  in our room wasn’t very good and done minimum difference however other people expressed how effective theirs was. I’m sure if we said something to the hotel they would have sorted it out quickly, despite this we decided to stick up with it.If you’re looking for some visual idea what it’s like at Sun Palace Hotel I uploaded a video on my YouTube channel, which gives you more of an insight and the beautiful surroundings.

Before going on holiday, it’s a must that I always have a playlist or some music that I can listen to by the pool and on the plane. Recently I’ve been loving playlists made by  Nathan Tanner on Spotify and I decided to save his ‘All Time Top 25‘ playlist to listen to on the plane as well as he has some other great playlists from a variety of genres, so if you’re looking for some new playlists I definitely recommend hitting him up with a follow on Spotify.




faliraki (7)




Already a month has passed since we departed and I’ve never been more ready than now to see where my next destination will be.