Half Term: A Blog a Day – The Vamps In Aid Of Teenage Cancer Trust – Monday 7th April 2014.

Hello Lovelies,

I am so excited to write this blog post as this night is on the list for one of the best nights of my life and I enjoyed every second of the night. This was my first concert/gig and it was for my favourite band. Here I during early hours of the 9th April writing this because I typed it up during the day and realised I wanted to add more information but I wasn’t exactly okay to think of the previous days events just yet. I didn’t want to leave this blog too long so I guess here it is (if this gets soppy then you’ll probably be able to imagine me with tears down my eyes however weird or crazy that may seem.)

Monday 7th April 2014

So I woke up at around 8 but stayed in bed till 8:30. Then I got ready and I my OOTD was a white cami from New Look (£9.99), black leggings (just an ordinary pair), then I paired this with a statement necklace from New Look (£5.99). Then I paired them with a pair of black frilly socks (£1.50) from Primark and a pair of boots which were from New Look ages ago. To top my outfit off I wore my black Harrington jacket which I am in love with and this was from the vintage range in Urban Outfitters (£55). Overall I only spent around £15 on this outfit because I had owned my Harrington jacket, leggings and boots before the concert and I purchased the frilly socks because I really like them. Enough of the outfit lets move onto the actual day.

So I had to film some clips for YouthTube  and then me and Jessica went downstairs and had a waffle with nutella on top and I have a cup of tea and Jess had coffee. We left a bit later in the end which at first we didn’t care about until we found out if we were half hour earlier we would of got to meet them and get photos which is really disappointing as we missed out on an opportunity we have been waiting a couple of years for now and we were sort of annoyed but we didn’t let it ruin the day.

We had to take a normal train and then an overground train to get to the venue. With the help of my amazing friend Lea we got to the venue quickly with the help of her directions and managed to get into the queue. I can’t remember what time we got there it was around 1/2pm. We were right next to the fire exit which meant that the boys were just on the other side of the wall to us and we could hear the music so clearly while they were in sound-check which was amazing to hear them live after not seeing them live for 8 months, and unless you understand what it is like then you probably won’t understand the emotions that you feel hearing and seeing your band live after 8 months which is 2/3rds of a year. I met some lovely people and everyone was ever so lovely, I found out some new YouTubers which was awesome especially as I am one too.

We stayed in the queue till 3/4pm and we had these lovely girls; Sarai and Zuza save our space while we went to the toilet and got some food (click their names for their twitters) When we arrived we had around 2 hours to go till. The staff controlling were lovely, they came round and gave us this small packet of sweets ‘Mosh Pit Fuel’ and handed us out free waterproof ponchos because it was raining which was lovely.

We entered at 6pm and to the second row of standing however people kept moving so sometimes it would be front row sometimes it would be second but it was overall amazing view. During the spare time between we got in there and the time Luke Friend who was the support act came on we had Giles Potter, Marcus Butler, Joe Sugg, Caspar Lee and his girlfriend Gaby Jones walked in. We later had people from ‘Friday Download’ come in and so did A*M*E and Carrie Hope Fletcher. At 7:15pm Luke Friend came on stage and he was absolutely amazing, he got us all signing by singing several songs which included; ‘Skinny Love’ and ‘Teenage Dream.’ Once Luke went off with a massive applause from the audience and loads of cheers we was shown a clip from TCT (Teenage Cancer Trust) which was incredibly heart-warming and emotional, it talked about a girl who got cancer and survived and how she coped with her cancer and it made me appreciate how much I should appreciate life more and make the most of it.

Now getting onto the emotional part where all that nights emotions are going to come back to me and possibly (just possibly make me cry) *grabs the tissues on the side*. After the video shown we had a massive count down on the screen counting down from 60 seconds. The last 15 seconds were building up tension, the whole crowd was shouting counting down and my heart was racing so fast. When the countdown got down to 0 we all cheered and it all went black for a couple of seconds and me and the group of people I was buy making jokes on how they are late and how they are always late. Then all of a sudden on the screen we got a life stream of them in their dressing room all huddled together having a private/intimate moment before the show. Have being in some shows and done competitions with groups I have done this and I can say how it feels when you are surrounded by the closest ones and I can honestly say this is a special moment. Furthermore after being huddled together and seeing the massive smile on James’ face between Brad, Connor and Tristans’ head was so lovely to see they left the room and made the way to the stage by this time I was ready and I was so excited, not seeing them for 8 months and finally getting to see them live meant so much to me.

They entered the stage with a massive round of applause, cheers and screams and went straight into singing ‘Wild Heart’ which was amazing to open with. I love that moment when they stop singing and the audience takes over and sings and you can see the massive smile on their faces and it makes you feel so happy. During ‘Girls On TV’ Brad came over and I touched his shoulder/chest and when he went and moved to the people next to us I turned around so my back was towards the stage and I turned my head towards Brad and looked at him and while I am pretty sure he saw my camera he winked which I think killed all the girls.

The rest of the night consisted of jumping up and down and singing at the top of our lungs. Connor also came over to us however he wasn’t close enough to touch. Brad sung ‘Shout About It’ which is my favourite song on their new album coming out which is called ‘Meet The Vamps’ you can pre-order it on the store or go over to iTunes to pre-order the normal version or the deluxe version (I will put the links below along with my other links. James joined in singing and it was such a special moment.

There is so much more information however up to this very current point I have already done 1,280 words and this is becoming more like an essay.

Me and Jess had a phenomenal night and if you would like to hear about more information or in a more auditory perspective, you can head over to my YouTube channel originallycourtney (just click on the channel name to be directed in a new window) I wanted to thank everyone who helped put it together, and all the amazing staff at Sheperds Bush O2 Empire. The staff were amazing and made sure it was all organized and made me feel much safer. This was one of the best nights of my life and I will cherish this day forever.

If you would like to help support Teenage Cancer Trust then you can text ‘VAMPS’ to 70500. This will make the donation of £5 however all proceedings go towards the charity and it’s an amazing cause so if you could help donate that would be amazing.

Lots Of Love

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brad and me
I have more pictures on my phone but I wanted to get this blog post up!