The Vamps ‘Meet The Vamps’ Westfield Show & Signing – Monday 14th April 2014.

Hello Lovelies,

I know I was doing a blog every single day of half term but I realized it was going to become repetitive so I finished it however I’m doing a blog post on yesterdays events because it was one of the best days of my life along with The Vamps ‘Last Night Launch Party’ which was in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust last Monday.

Yesterday I woke up at 6am to get ready however I fell back asleep (more like half asleep) till 7am. I got ready and had to leave by 8:15am in the end. I arrived at Westfields Shepherds Bush at around just before 10am. I invited my friend Lea to have my other ticket as I won two tickets to see the show as well as meet one of the boys (i’ll move onto that later) me and Lea waited in the pen for a while then went down to see if the boys were down there however they weren’t so we quickly got back in our pen and waited for the show to start.

Once again the live performance was amazing and couldn’t fault it. I did feel really sorry for James though because he has sprained his ankle and he hobbled along onto the stage and he looked like he was in pain even though he did try and cover it. Before the performance started we were above the stage so we could see the boys behind stage. I thought why not so I shouted ‘James’ ‘Brad’ and they both looked up and smiled however that’s when security told us to go back so we did.

The show started and then they done a little Q&A however with all the cheering I couldn’t really hear it to be hone st and I was too distracted by Connor swinging on his chair and holding onto Tristans’ for another moment I thought there could be a repeated ‘Connor Fall’ moment.

We left promptly after the show and quickly got the tube to Stratford and got in the queue for the meet. We won tickets which were purple which was for Connor. We queued for a bit then we finally got into the building we had rows for each remember. I got in the row for Connor and saw Dean Sherwood (who produces their videos) and thanked him for watching my YouTube video. He is extremely talent and I love the work he does. You can visit his website by clicking here. I finally met Connor and he was so lovely, sweet and genuine. He was so lovely you just wanted to hug him however we weren’t allowed so I guess that was impossible. He signed my ‘Meet The Vamps’ album (you can purchase this in your local HMV stores and other stores. You can find more details on this on their website you can also purchase their album on iTunes and help them get a top spot.

We saw people going around again so we did and this time they gave me a yellow band which was for Brad. Again we entered the building however on the corner we were in Tristans’ vision so I shouted ‘Tristan!’ then I waved and then he waved back at me. As the queue moved along no one was left for James’ so I had to try and shout over the loud singing and say I’m filming the video this weekend (an artsy video you’ll see on my channel in the next few weeks, if you aren’t subscribed to my channel you can click here to be directed to my channel) I also created the heart gesture and said ‘James I love you’ then he looked over to me and copied the pose which was incredibly cute and sweet.

I finally reached Brad and by now my heart was probably racing so fast (this is going to be incredibly awkward if Brad is reading this somehow but there’s 99.9% he isn’t so that’s all good and will save me the embarrassment!) I reached him and gave him my phone case to sign. I had planned what I was going to say to him and I just needed to make sure I said it before I forgot. So I explained I was Courtney, the girl who he has spoken on the phone several times and he was like oh yeah! As if he recognised. He finished signing my case however carried on talking to me, I asked him to follow me and he said he would because he said he would a while ago. However he carried on looking at me and turned my case a few times round looked at me again and wrote into my case ‘hey courtney love you x’ this made me smile so much because I didn’t ask him to but it was so cute.

*Saves blog post as a draft on the 15th April and re-discovers that it was never finished on the 27th April*

*carries on writing blog post on the 27th April*

That was pretty much the day for me. There was probably other details that I can no longer remember seeing as this is nearly 2 weeks later. But I wrote this and would love to post it so when I look back, I can remember the little things like this.

Lots Of Love

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