Update, Easter, School and Exams.

Hello Lovelies,

I thought I would write another blog post seeing as I am lying in bed and I reckon I should explain what has actually been going on recently. I know I done many blog posts on my half term but I stopped after Monday 14th April, however also that week I done a lot more.

During the week commencing the 14th April, I saw The Vamps several times, however I have already done a blog post on Monday 14th Aprils events so you can click here to go and give that a read if you haven’t done so already.

Tuesday was pretty much a lazy day for me, this is because I was very tired from Monday, and I hadn’t had much of a lie in since half term started seeing as I was doing a good job of one of my new year resolutions which was the make the most out of the time of my half terms instead of wasting it away lying in bed. Which don’t get me wrong, having a lie in is good, but I didn’t want to miss out on the bestest opportunities I could get out of my two weeks off.

Wednesday, I traveled to Reading with my mum and my little sister Abbie, this took a couple of hours, there was major congestion on the motorway so we had to take all these different routes to avoid getting caught up. I queued up to meet Brad and Connor and I got to meet them. I got a Polaroid with Brad and he resigned my phone case as it came off, then Brad passed it to Connor and he signed it too which I was really happy about. Security were strict so it was tough getting a photo especially as they weren’t allowed. My mum and little sister were shopping but I had a spare ticket so I told my little sister she could go round if she wanted to, of course she said yes {who wouldn’t?} seeing as she is 9 they let me take her round. Brad and Con were absolutely adorable with her which was so cute. I got Brad to sign my Polaroid photo of me and him and then I managed to get a Polaroid with Con, even though my phone is covering some of his face because security were trying to get me to move. Wednesday was really good and I really enjoyed myself, it was definitely worth the travelling… Well I think it was, my mum would probably think different. Also thank you to Amy who took some photos of me meeting Brad.

Thursday I was up at the lovely hours of 5:30am to get ready. I was getting a train and a tube to Oxford Circus to go to the Claires store to meet Brad, Connor, James and Tristan (yes again and that does make a total of Thursday being my third/fourth time of meeting them again which was crazy seeing as a week ago I wouldn’t have even met them once before) i met some lovely new people, including a girl in my group chat Chloe (shout out to the lovely Chloe) there was also a load of other girls that we met up with and spent the whole day with. I also got to say goodbye to Lea in person before she left to go to Germany. Which I was happy that I got to say goodbye, even though I wish I could of seen her on the Sunday which was when she left. I got to speak to her on the phone on the Sunday, so it wasn’t too bad, but she needs to get her ass back to London so I can see her again. Lea if you are reading this, stay fab, i love you girly and i’ll see you soon.

Friday I went to the hairdressers to get a very drastic change to my hair. I was debating whether to include this but I thought I would leave it and you can see a whole blog post on it sometime soon… That’s if I don’t procrastinate!

Easter was amazing, I spent it with my dads side of the family. My dad, my nan, my auntie and uncle, my other uncle and my two amazing cousins Jessica and Hannah. However most of the time was probably spent me and Hannah messing about with photos and doing eachothers’ makeup fairly funny.

Schools started again which has made me unhappy obviously, except I got to see my friends again which is the more positive side. Its annoying to be back but I only have another year to go then I have college so I guess its not too long left. Except I have a crazy amount of work to do for History but instead I am writing this blog post. I have a science exam coming up in June, well three science exams. I’m not excited for them obviously but I really have no motivation to revise. If you have any revision tips feel free to leave them in the comment section.

Okay, I’m going to finish the blog post here because my hands feel really weird and numb, and I expect there is a few spelling or grammar errors, this what happens when you type when you’re tired. Especially as this is now a 1,000 words, making this more like an essay. I’ve also just realized this is the second blog post for the 27th April however the other one was written up at like 4am.

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Lots Of Love

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    I wonder how I already knew about you and Hannah taking loads of photos… Oh yeah that’s right… 18 Snapchats in like 20 minutes.

    • Did I really send 18 Snapchats?