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Welcome To New York

12th February 2015

Wandering through the various streets and avenues which create Manhattan I found myself finding comfort in the city as it resembled home to me. I know you’re probably wondering ‘how does New York resemble home to you?’. If your idea of home creates pictures of the countryside with parents cooking family meals or having picnics then you are right, it doesn’t. However my idea of home is going to London, I believe that home is where you feel free and content and this is the feelings when I get to London. Able to get anywhere by the tubes the subways created a similar effect and the rush of people from all different cultural backgrounds definitely resembled the busy streets of London.

Visiting the city has been a dream and back in December 2014 when I got the opportunity I felt a sense of euphoria as I would be travelling abroad without my mum or dad for the first time, nevertheless this didn’t bother me in the slightest. In fact I couldn’t wait to discover another part of the world unseen to my eyes and experience it with my closest friends before we depart to different colleges in September. The idea of viewing the breathtaking city from the Top of the Rock excited me immensely and I couldn’t contain my excitement at the thought of seeing these attractions or places that were used when filming Gossip Girl.

New York 2015.Still022

Times Square was everything I expected it to be and more, inside my head I believed that the buildings couldn’t be that tall as they seem in the movies but they certainly proved my thoughts wrong. Greeted by the smoke coming out of the drains throughout the city at times made me even more excited for my shower however with numerous amount of layers I doubt the dirt got any further in my clothing than my much loved black coat from good ol’ Primark.

New York 2015.Still016

We stayed in the Ramada Jersey City in New Jersey, which from online images doesn’t look the most plush hotel and it correctly isn’t. Despite this it was a really lovely place to stay in, and felt very homely, and of course had great perks of free WiFi. Allowing me to message my family in the mornings and evenings and tweet a few times before the busy day ahead. Realistically the hotel was only somewhere to sleep as we left early to head into Manhattan and didn’t get back till late therefore it would of been wasted money to stay somewhere more expensive. Correctly I would rather have that extra spending for gifts for my family therefore it didn’t create a negative impact. Staying in New Jersey had its perks, it mean’t that I ended up visiting 4% of the USA just from visiting two states. Absolutely mind blowing.

New York was a very productive adventure, with covering lots of the city by foot with the help of the PATH to get us into Manhattan. Which benefited us a lot, allowing us to take in the surroundings we were fortunate to see. With freezing temperatures varying from -6ºC to -20 ºC on the hop on – hop off boat trip which made me laugh when an Australian couple turned around to me and said “Aren’t you supposed to be used to these temperatures?” Oh trust me I wasn’t prepared for the coldness, personally I don’t think anyone can prepare themselves for that type of climate.

Despite the freezing temperatures it was a trip of a lifetime, which I won’t be experiencing for a while. Many landmarks were seen and the emotions of visiting where the World Trade Center stood where extremely high.

You can watch my adventure in New York on YouTube where I post travel videos for every country I visit.

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