Hello there,


This is my first post on my website and life category, over time this website will be packed of things such as YouTube Tips from my very own experience, life posts so you can get to know me more, there will also be all my social networking sites so you can keep up todate on when my next video will be or even just to see what I am up to. I hope you enjoy this blog and I am going to kick-start my first life blog with a few fun basic facts about me.

  • When I grow up I want to be in the Acting Industry, whether it is being an Actress (what I currently want to pursue) or behind the scenes like directing or editing.
  • I am a figure skater.
  • I started YouTube in around 2010 with making music videos and montages of me dancing, and then went onto creative vlogging with green screening in around 2011- early 2012 for a short time, I also created my own films and skits with my cousin Jessica and then in November 2012 I created OriginallyCourtney (the channel I am now on) and could not imagine quitting that channel.
  • I present over on the YouthTube channel on YouTube ( you will find all my links on another part of my website or just type YouthTubeTVHD over at YouTube.

Thats all for now stay tuned for new facts each week.

Bye ^-^