‘You Are Original’ Wristbands Info.

Hello Lovelies,

I know I have not been updating regularly, but I have my fair share of excuses, firstly starting with revision and my exams. I mean there is only three proper GCSE’s, which are my core science however I struggle with science the most so I wanted to focus on that. Now I am 1/3 down, which Biology being completed on Friday I only have two left to go. However, this is not what this blog post is about so I am going to stop rambling and get to the point.

So ever since I started my channel I always had dreams of where my channel would head. I would think about how I would want my merch and exactly how many subscribers I would have to have before selling merch. Well here it is, with the help of Oliver. (he’s the best and does a lot for me; setting up the website, and a lot more, the list is endless) So with the help of Oliver we brainstormed some merch idea’s and came up with a few. Since before I reached 1,000 subscribers I really wanted wristbands and now we have finally got to the stage of getting them done. I’m nearly at 3,000 subscribers and I am glad I have waited.

The design for the wristband is going to be a plain white wristband with black writing. The text is going to say ‘You Are Original’ and that is it. The main reason for having ‘You Are Original’ one links into my channel with the word ‘original’ however I wanted these wristbands to be special and have a meaning more than a thing to earn money out of. I wanted to have this on the wristbands because to me it means showing that you are an individual and you shouldn’t feel like you have to be the same as everyone to fit in and I feel like this is important. I also chose for it not to say ‘originallycourtney’ on them because once again I wanted it to be more special and less about promoting and something that people can actually wear. I like the idea of having ‘You Are Original’ because to me it signifies individuality and showing everyone that you are original and you should be the way you want to be and not the way others want you to be *sorry if this sounds really deep*.

The material is going to be fabric, which is like the festival bracelets/wristbands you see. We are working on getting a proof/test version but I will keep you updated with more information when there is more released.

You can currently pre-order them for £5, this covers the price of P&P as well. PREORDER HERE Once 30 pre-orders are made, then we can go ahead and get them made. In which they will be dispatched in a few weeks. Only 28 pre-orders to go now 

Lots Of Love

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